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Racing Car
Tata Communications

Creating partnerships with key innovation partners and developing a rapid prototyping outfit to service RFP response projects, for key global clients such as Linkedin, Formula 1, AWS. Key objective was to deliver innovative concepts to drive core product growth of bandwidth use - 40% of the global internet delivery.

Business Meeting
Project Orange - MBO

Persoma Consulting developed a £10 million Managment Buyout strategy for an internet technology business. Persoma put together the MBO team, coporate advisory support, acquisition funders. Persoma Consulting also developed the go to market strategy for the private equity houses funding the acquisition.

Charles Goode - Private Jeweller

Developing the company set up, and go to market strategies for a new concept luxury brand. Persoma advised with a hands on approach the steps to developing a luxury brand, company set up, investment and share strategy. Persoma works closley with Charles to establish his concept into a tangible business asset.

Sovy Ltd

Persoma developed a new market strategy to enable Sovy Limited to diversify into a new sector supporting a new growth market for the business. Sovy is still developing its market in the GDPR space and growing to new success.

Sports Rights Tech Agency

Persoma Conuslting was brought in to support in a large scale fund raise for a sports rights technology business. Persoma introduced and supported pitching to a number of high-net worth individuals, private equity houses and family offices. Persoma worked with the coporate advisory business managing the fund who were able to raise £30 million equity raise.

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