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Persoma offers bespoke services, each tailored and package to the objective, KPI or idea of the business or entrepreneur.

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Ideas, Start ups & IP Development

Providing executional experties in taking a concept or idea and turning it into a business. Persoma can provide end to end advice on how to start your business, or take and idea and turn it into a launched product service or solution. Developing ideas also requires an understanding of IP, Persoma can help insure your IP is developed, and increasing the vlaue or growth of your business. Providing commercialisation and business development services for existing start ups who are requiring expertise to take the business to the next phase.

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Commercialisation & Growth Development

Persoma specialises in commercialisation, often and idea business or solution can be effective in market but without the right commercial elements may struggle to make money. Persoma bridges the gap between products, services and monetisation through monetisation strategy, business development and will help take your product to new or bigger markets.

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Investment & Funding

Having 10 years of fund raising across private investors to VC's Persoma consulting can help develop the approach to funding, put together material or documentation required to deliver against funding targets and provide access to a network of private investors, and various funding sources from Seed, series A to Management Buyouts.

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Solutions Consultancy

Persoma has key experience in developing data and technology solutions, developing one of the first peer to peer attribution tehcnologies, and advising on the worlds largest and most integrated end to end marketing platforms across 150 countries, integrated with over 150 data providers Persoma is able to understand the architecture and commercial nodes that deliver the worlds leading solutions.

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Monetisation & Business Development

Persoma has worked with over 50 of the fortune 500 companies and is able to to drive business development strategies and hands on business development to connect your business into the right markets, businesses at a 'C' level.

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